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In 2004, the studio born in the desire to build a new format of innovative business discipline. Since its inception, the firm has found a strategic position in the market working for different clients in many countries around the world. Branding projects, Animation, Digital products, Fashion Styling and Packaging with a high degree of innovation stand out.

︎Short Films Stories:

h3l© has created the Hotel 21:30 project as a space for artistic expression and collective reflection. Its production was located in the stores of the main museums and stores in America and Europe (currently sold out). As an artistic and academic complement, in 2007 he founded an itinerant design workshop displaying socio-cultural contents based on intensive experiences of artistic-commercial production.


h3l™ has presented at the most important festivals in the world and held workshops focused on the inspiration of the new generations of designers, architects, artists and creatives of all categories.

︎Experience Films:
︎OKUPA™ Workshop.
︎ARMOTEC™ Architecture Workshop.
︎JUAN HERREROS Architecture Workshop.
︎2N1 Presentation.


︎2019. DESIGNFEST. Guadalajara. Mexico.︎2015. MICA CCK SP. Buenos Aires. Argentina. ︎2014. DMY™. Berlin. Germany. ︎2013. OFFF™ Design Festival. Barcelona. España. ︎2013. MICA™ TECNOPOLIS. Buenos Aires. Argentina. ︎2012. Pre-MICA™ Patagonia. Argentina. ︎2009. Octubre. CLEFA™ 09. Museum. Branding + Architecture. Buenos Aires. Argentina. ︎2008. Punto Límite. Río Negro. Argentina. ︎PECHAKUCHA™ NIGHT. Buenos Aires. Argentina.︎2008. Trimarchi™ DG. Buenos Aires. Argentina. ︎2007. Guón™ Diseño Mendocino. Mendoza. Argentina. ︎2007. Pixilations Visual Tour. Córdoba. Argentina. ︎2007 y 2006. Encuentro de Diseño Latinoamericano. Universidad de Palermo. Buenos Aires. Argentina. ︎2006. Trimarchi™ DG. Buenos Aires. Argentina. ︎2006. CMD™ Buenos Aires. Argentina. ︎2005. Guacho Computer™. Neuquén. Argentina  ︎2005. Trimarchi™ DG. Muestra Individual. Mar del Plata. Argentina.

︎ We are happy to share our experiences around the world. Conferences inquiries: info@h3lag.com